Günther Meier Innenausbau GmbH

Current Properties

The interior work at our most northern construction site so far in the history of our company is nearing completion.

We were awarded the contract for the interior construction of the new Newyorker branches in Meppen (MEP) and Pforzheim.

We won the contract for dismantling, drywall construction and carpentry for the renovation of the ACC AirCargo Center in Hannover, at the Hannover-Langenhagen Airport.


Our range of services

Our range of services covers the entire spectrum of drywall construction. We deliver and mount suspended ceilings, partition walls and interior doors in schools, kindergartens, office and commercial buildings, shopping centres, hospitals, hotels, production and storage halls, and in apartments and lofts.

Our range includes the supply and installation of:

  • metal stud walls with noise, fire and thermal protection requirements.
  • mobile partitions for individual freedom of design
  • wall fixtures, such as door jambs and door panels with noise, air and fire protection requirements.
  • Lining, dry cleaning, dry floor and plasterboard lining for indirect lighting, for example.
  • Acoustic, ventilation, light grid and fire protection ceilings designed in mineral fibre, metal, plasterboard or wood material.
  • Ceiling installations, such as flush access panels, depending on requirements or curtain rails.
  • The company Günter Meier Innenausbau GmbH guarantees professional completion of drywall construction work.


Günter Meier
Innenausbau GmbH

Lehnstraße 10 A
37619 Kirchbrak

Phone: +49 (0) 5533 4970
Fax: +49 (0) 5533 4216
PQ-number: 101.002449


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