Günther Meier Innenausbau GmbH

Current Properties

Newyorker branchTromsö

The interior work at our most northern construction site so far in the history of our company is nearing completion.

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Newyorker - branches MEP Meppen and Pforzheim

We were awarded the contract for the interior construction of the new Newyorker branches in Meppen (MEP) and Pforzheim.

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Renovation of the ACC Hannover - Langenhagen

We won the contract for dismantling, drywall construction and carpentry for the renovation of the ACC AirCargo Center in Hannover, at the Hannover-Langenhagen Airport.

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Our Partners

Günter Meier Innenausbau GmbH only cooperates with well-known manufacturers, in order to offer you impeccable quality at all times.


Günter Meier
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