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Current Properties

The interior work at our most northern construction site so far in the history of our company is nearing completion.

We were awarded the contract for the interior construction of the new Newyorker branches in Meppen (MEP) and Pforzheim.

We won the contract for dismantling, drywall construction and carpentry for the renovation of the ACC AirCargo Center in Hannover, at the Hannover-Langenhagen Airport.


For more than 30 years, Günter Meier Innenausbau GmbH has stood for reliability and professionalism in interior construction and drywall construction. Many years of experience, expertise, quality, reliability and swift action when problems arise are our constant companions.

We are more than just drywall constructors! We are already at your side in the planning phase as professional consultants. The installation of lightweight walls, suspended ceilings and interior doors is our field - a field which we work on with much expertise. To meet your needs, close and seamless cooperation with different disciplines is needed. With our 20 employees and experienced subcontractors, we have competent construction staff - up to 100 people in peak times. They work across the whole country and also Europe. We have also worked in the Middle East and North Africa.

Now you can get an overview of our current projects, completed jobs and upcoming construction projects. Our references speak for themselves!

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Günter Meier Innenausbau GmbH

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Günter Meier
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